In disappointing (to Rutgers fans) but unsurprising news, Rutgers junior running back Ray Rice declared himself eligible for the 2008 NFL draft today. I selfishly wanted him to return, but this is probably the right decision for him. He didn’t stand much chance of significantly increasing his draft stock by returning another year, and for a guy with a future in pro football and millions of dollars potentially on the line, it has to be about that to an extent. I hope he has a good combine, gets drafted in a good spot (i.e. no later than 2nd round) and lands with a team in a decent situation (i.e. not the Falcons or Dolphins or some team like that) where he’ll play a role in the offense from the start. Might be a lot to ask, but he’s earned it. I’m also hopeful he’ll eventually finish his RU degree and continue to display the same level head and class he did in college. I can’t be upset with his decision, and can’t help but express my gratitude for his immeasurable contributions to the program while he was here. Without his sensational play, RU football’s general upward trend may never have materialized. So, to Ray Rice, best of luck, although without you around, we’ll be the ones who need it.

(Edit #2: A report from, which can actually be trusted since it’s the official site of RU athletics, states that Greene is coming back for his senior season, so I’m getting rid of the previous edit and changing the title. It will be good to have him for another year.)