It seems all the buzz recently is that Tony Romo is spending a little too much time with Jessica Simpson.  All the sports experts are saying that Tony needs to focus on the game, that he shouldn’t be taking weekend trips with Jessica before the big playoff game.  They are saying that maybe Tony is distracted by the celebrity status and the high profile life associated with being Dallas Cowboys quarterback.  I say so what?  Tony is a young man with a beautiful girlfriend, let him have fun.  But maybe Jessica is breaking up the band.  Maybe she is trying to destroy this years Dallas Cowboys, which happen to be the greatest the thing to hit America since the Beatles.  Only time will tell.  If Tony plays a great game this week and the Cowboys win it will clearly be a non-issue.  If he plays a shaky game and the Cowboys lose their first playoff game off of this great season all the questions about Jessica will be asked.  I personally don’t care who Tony Romo dates, as long as they don’t break up the band.