Last night, before the NFC title game, Fox had all their analysts predict the outcome. Only Terry Bradshaw got it right. Nice work. But how did he arrive at his conclusion? Well, his main reasoning was that Eli Manning threw 23 touchdown passes against 20 interceptions this year, which happens to be the exact same TD/INT ratio of last year’s Super Bowl QB representative from the NFC, Rex Grossman. That was Terry’s deal-breaker. It made me wonder…using this logic, what else will happen?

I think I have my answer. This year, Demarcus Ware and Mario Williams each recorded 14 sacks. This is, remarkably enough, the same number of individual sacks that the Rams’ Fred Dryer recorded in 1974 (he also assisted on two, for a total of 15, but we won’t focus on that). What does this striking parallel mean for Ware and Williams? Well, it means they are virtual locks to one day be considered for the lead role of a classic TV sitcom, only to be passed over in favor of Ted Danson. Luckily, eventually they’ll get their own cop show and some cameo appearances on the sitcom. Thank goodness football statistics allow us to make such bold predictions.