I’m not even a Giants fan, but I have to commend them on their playoff run. They have been truly impressive as of late, and winning in Lambeau in conditions where people probably shouldn’t have even been allowed outdoors might be most impressive of all. Kudos especially to Tom Coughlin for slightly altering his personality this season¬† to fit in more with the modern game and its players, and to Eli Manning for showing everyone he’s not just some football-hating choker who wishes he were doing something else with his life. If he is, he is sure hiding it well at the moment. They gave the Pats a great game in the regular season finale, and hopefully the Super Bowl will be just as interesting.

Also, right now I’m thinking tonight’s game was one of the top three football games I’ve ever seen, along with Rutgers-Louisville in 2006 and the 2007 Fiesta Bowl between Boise State and Oklahoma. The 2005 USC-Notre Dame game is right there with them, and the Super Bowls in ’98, 2000 and ’02 were also great. but for now, that top three is solid. And any RU-crazy person had to love our throwaway mention at the end of the AFC title game, when the announcers said Bill Belichick’s son (a lacrosse player for RU) was visiting. All in all, a fine football day.