John Froschauer – AP/from

About a week ago, Mike Holmgren announced he would return for another year as coach of the Seattle Seahawks. He’s had quite a bit of success throughout his career, and seems like a nice enough guy who is pretty well-liked around the league. His coming back for another year is fine with me. However, I was taken aback by some of his phrasing when he announced his return:

“Kathy and I came to this decision to finish my contract,” Holmgren said. “This will be my last year. We are going to make it the best year ever.

Look at the italicized portion there. OMG, is he, like, giving a speech on why he should be elected class president lol? The man is almost 60. Maybe we shouldn’t doubt him and his confidence, but even if the coming season truly is just that promising for the ‘Hawks, I can’t take this comment very seriously because it makes me imagine him holding his press conferences in the cafeteria. During lunch period. Hopefully he’s a good speaker, and he’ll make it the best lunch period ever.