Ashley, if you are reading this right now (which I can only assume you are), just know that this poor kid is madly in love with you, and would do anything to be by your side.  Ever since I first laid eyes on you in High School Musical I got butterflies.  This isn’t your normal celebrity crush, I have feelings for you.  Some may call it sick, I call it beautiful.

Just for the record I support everything you do and I only want the best for you, I am by your side with your decision to get a nose job.  You were beautiful before it and continue to be the same.  You are adorable.  I wish I could take you out to dinner and after that we could hang out with my friends and you can see how cool we all are.  You would fall in love with me.  I wouldn’t be a jerk like all of the celebrities you must meet along the way.  I’d love you for who you are.

Seeing you sing and dance along to ‘What I’ve Been Looking For’ and ‘Bop to the Top’ reinforce what I feel.  That you are perfect.  How I wish to be Lucas Grabeel at those memorable moments.  Ashley, babe, you are what I’ve been looking for, and if we were together I have no doubt that we would bop right to the top.  You are fabulous.  I’m not ashamed to say that I cry myself to sleep each night wishing you were there.  I am hurt though, I would like to know who this guy is…

He and I need to have a chat.