First off, I just want to say how honored I am to be part of the 41 MTF team. I can’t wait for all the perks to kick in. I think I’m most excited about my new parking space. I also wanted to say happy 1st birthday to the blog! I remember when I first heard of the blog’s birth. It was a cold day with a low precipitation warning. I was lingering around the house when I got the call. My three male friends had just become fathers together. I never felt more alone. I was told I could have partial visitation with the blog but was also tenderly told that “it wasn’t the right time” for me to have any real custody rights. I understood I suppose, however I secretly resented the new little bundle of joy for taking Tom, Pete, and Glenn away from me. I felt like my best friends were 41 miles away from my heart. I realized shortly thereafter, that my sadness was not caused by the baby blog or by my friends. My sadness resided somewhere inside of me, where the yearning to be a father was downright demoralizing. I surrendered to the fact that fatherhood just wasn’t in the cards for me.

One year has passed. The blog has since stood up on its own two feet and has found its voice. Just when I had given up hope, I was asked to become something of a step father to little Miles. Now with my new custody rights, I am very proud to have this blog in my life. Next week I think I might even introduce him to the old 60’s Batman TV show that I used to watch as a child with my dad.

Again I want to thank Tom, Pete, and Glenn for opening my eyes to the world of fatherhood. I’ll have “It’s A Boy” cigars for everyone soon!