I just got home from watching ‘Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour’ the move.  Or HMMCBBWCT as I affectionately shorten it to.  I brought my little sister and I went with my friend Tom who brought a little girl he babysits and his friend from school Suzy.  There was a huge line of people waiting to be let into the theater before the movie started.  One man approached me and asked what movie was causing all of the commotion.  I looked at him right in the eyes and told him…’Meet the Spartans.’  He believed me. Anyway, I had been looking forward to the concert film but wasn’t overly excited about it.  I started getting up for it when I was handed my RealD glasses.  I was ready for the ride.

The format of the movie was basically songs from her tour interspersed with behind the scenes footage and rehearsal video.  Kenny Ortega is the god telling teenagers how to move.  He is a great man and deserves to be treated as one.  Anyway the first song she sang was ‘Rockstar’, it was a good way to get things started.  I have to say though that at this point and throughout the duration of the movie the 5 of us seemed to be the only ones having fun, but I’ll get back to that later.  After watching this I see that Miley Ray Cyrus is a lot more talented musically than I thought she was.  She always makes me laugh on the show but this film really showed me that she can play guitar, sing, and dance and just overall put on a good show.

After playing a few songs as Hannah Montana the highlight for me came when the Jonas Brothers came out to rock the crowd.  Hannah stayed on with them to play the crowd favorite ‘We Got the Party With Us.’  Then she left and the Jonas Brothers played ‘When You Look Me In the Eyes,’ and their wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd after this ballad.  After that I had the best five minutes of my life when they played a stirring rendition of their hit ‘Year 3000.’  It was absolutely amazing.  The two little girls couldn’t stop talking about how cute the Jonas Brothers were, but who can blame them because they are some pretty good looking guys.  This is off topic but earlier on in the show they showed Miley hugging Nick Jonas and it was just about the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  They are in love.  Im back, so the Jonas Brothers finished up with that and it was time for Miley to come back on stage.

Miley came back as herself for the last leg of the show.  A few things stood out for me.  When she sang ‘Let’s Dance,’ I gotta level with the readers, I had some impure thoughts about her.  That’s all I’ll say, and I’m not ashamed.  She’s hot.  ‘I Miss You’ was pretty touching song that she wrote for her deceased grandfather.  Then she wrapped it up with ‘Best of Both Worlds’ which is universally loved by all Americans.

Anyway this post wasn’t really meant to describe the movie, just some thoughts about it.  I loved every single Robbie Ray sighting, and their were a few.  Kenny Ortega is a great man.  Nick Jonas is a handsome fellow.  The drummer can twirl a stick.  Who is that impostor posing as Miley’s mom, I’m pretty sure that isn’t her birth mother.  And lastly I would just like to say that I had a tremendous amount of fun seeing this movie.  I was singing along and clapping to the beat, it was a great time.  The five of us shared a special moment together that will never be recreated, and even as we all sang ‘If We Were a Movie’ as we walked out of the theater we all knew it was coming to an end.  I’ll miss each and every one of you.