With the addition of the new writers and the recent boost in the amount of posts I have to say that I am pretty excited to be a part of this blog.  I’d like to welcome G-Snit, H-Town, and J-Bone to the 41MilesToFreedom family and wish them the best of luck in this epic struggle to do what is right.  I am happy though because at certain times in this blog’s storied past there have been some lapses and some bleak periods.  At times it was like every once in a while someone would post.  Now we seem to be going strong and I am very happy with the staff of writers.  We may be the best combination of six people anywhere. (And yes, that does include the starting 6 on the 1980 Miracle On Ice team.)  In the past few weeks we have been dishing out fresh material on a daily basis, and the content has been great.  I’ve been happy with my own posts and all of yours.  Let’s keep this going because we are truly doing something legendary.