This is a bold move on my part. I recently read Tom’s post about the infamous commercial during the Super Bowl last night. I was going to just leave a comment on his post but felt I had too much to say.

Honestly I must have missed the commercial in question and viewed it for the first time here on 41 MTF. Oddly enough, I too was going onto the blog to post my own feelings on a terrible Super Bowl ad when I stumbled upon the fact that Tom had already beat me to it. The funny thing here is that I was going to bash a commercial as well but not the same one! (That’s right; I just yelled that statement using my fingers.)

The commercial that I wanted to scrutinize involved a family of Panda Bears who owned and operated a Bamboo store. The commercial itself, as Tom has stated about the other ad, was just painful to watch. My issue with it was less about the quality and more about the bizarre racist stereotypes. The Pandas owned a Bamboo store and spoke in an incredibly stereotypical Chinese accent. It just struck me as odd because it was blatantly racist but for no real reason. Upon viewing Tom’s post I realized that we had yet another bizarre racist commercial brought to us by Watching the ad on Tom’s post makes my point in a fairly self-explanatory way. Now we have awkward stereotypes targeting people of Indian decent. I don’t get it.

Let me make one thing very clear: I’m not one who gets offended by racist jokes. I just don’t take them that seriously and sometimes don’t think they are all that funny. But hey, sometimes they are amusing; especially if used in the right way. Look up the lyrics for the song “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist” from the Broadway musical Avenue Q and you will see what I mean. What really monkeys my wrench is that I don’t understand why these commercials were so blatantly racist without making any kind of joke out of it. It was as if really didn’t know they were using stereotypes in the first place. If you are going to be racist, at least try to make it funny!

I’m looking forward to the German one with a mustachioed cartoon Nazi looking for sales leads regarding human-sized ovens. If I know the way I think I do, then they are probably already finished animating it.