Piggybacking on the wild success of Greg’s previous post about Super Bowl commercials, I realized that one of the most disappointing moments in my life happened during the Big Game® last night.

The family crowded around the TV in wild anticipation for the inevitable laff-fest that is Super Advertising.  After a strong showing from Bud Light in the first big spot of the night, we all leaned toward the screen, agog and ready for brilliance.  Would it be a talking baby?  A celebrity being hit in the face?  Maybe even a Chimpanzee of some sort?!

What we saw next both shocked and appalled us.

What the hell is that shit?

When you think big-money Big Game spots, salesgenie.com/tv falls in somewhere between the Seville Diner and Dick Craig’s Not Just Rock ‘N’ Roll (Middlesex County zing!) How the hell did this cartoon, which I might have made in Macromedia Flash in 9th grade, weasel its way onto the small screen at this crucial moment?

These commercials are the product of millions of dollars of market research, months of work from expensive advertising firms, and a tried-and-true formula of crotch shots and talking puppets.  Seeing some Internet jokers invade the space reserved for only our greatest corporations didn’t just make me sick last night, it made me angry.  I’ll never again utilize the many services offered at low, low prices by SalesGenie.com/TV!