obama 08

With 64% of bloggers reporting, 41Miles has declared Barack Obama the winner of the blog’s primary with 100% of the vote.

The blog held a primary election today, which has come to be known as Super Tuesday because of the blog’s intense popularity and incredible sway over the voting public, to choose who would receive the support of their 6 delegates. Polls in recent weeks had shown Obama to have a considerable lead over all other presidential hopefuls.

Exit polls of the bloggers showed that Obama won the important “college student” demographic, which has been a strong point of his campaign. He attracted 0% of the female demographic, ages 0-100. Surprisingly, according to experts, this did not negatively impact his 100 point margian of victory.

“We have chosen Barack Obama because we feel that what he lacks in foreign policy experience, he more than makes up for in his apparent leadership qualities and political idealism,” said site creator Tom Wright-Piersanti. “Also, we just watched Season 3 of 24, Deep Impact, and Head of State starring Chris Rock, and we feel that the nation was doing fantastic in all three because of their black presidents.”