I just had to comment on this bizarre situation involving the Dark Knight. At approximately 7:30 PM I attempted to watch Batman: The Animated Series on Toon Disney. To my sadness it seemed that the info box at the bottom of my television screen was inaccurate and instead, Superman was on. Ok no harm no foul. Then at approximately 9 PM I attempted to watch Tim Burton’s classic 1989 film Batman on BRAVO. Once again the info was wrong and instead my eyes took in the opening credits of Make Me A Supermodel or some such nonsense. This is getting a little weird now.

The nail in the coffin came at 10 PM when my friend Duffy and I turned on Toon Disney again under the impression that Batman: The Animated Series was on. Well, no it wasn’t. Jackie Chan Adventures was on and as we all know, no one watches that. What in God’s name was going on here?! I’m not one for getting scared, but I’m shaking right now as I’m typing.

Batman clearly died tonight and until further notice, not even Adam West is safe.