Tom made a post on this already but I figured I would add my thoughts, which are: I feel kind of weird that this is now in the open. I had no idea who dak and Junior really were, but 1 out of 3 was a lot more knowledge than most people had, and after sitting on that piece of information for a few months, I was surprised to see it come to light, out of nowhere, by the guys themselves.

We originally removed that post out of respect for the anonymous nature of the blog, and it will actually be interesting to see if this experiment works out well for these guys – namely, the request to “not send [them] e-mails about anything other than sports journalism.” Ever since I found out who KT was, I tried my best to keep anything I sent over there on that topic. I might have not done the 100% best job, for which I apologize. I hope I didn’t abuse the knowledge of Michael Schur’s identity. I would also hope people follow through on the bloggers’ request, since, unlike their experimentations with allowing reader comments, this one is harder to take back – even if they remove the section with their actual identities, people will still know.

Since I first heard about this, my reaction has gone from “Wow, they actually did it” to “Damn, now my secret is extra-meaningless” to “Well, it will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out,” and that’s where we are right now. So I hope this fairly big move turns out well, and that the site’s mission will not be impeded by the revelation. And forgive me for this non-baseball-related sentiment, FJMers, but – hope you guys are all back to work at your real jobs soon.