TV Land, as many of you know, shows Three’s Company at 4 a.m. every night.  I’m a huge Three’s Company fan, so naturally I was up watching the show last night.  My favorite character, Mr. Furley, was talking to Terri, the blonde who replaced who replaced Suzanne Somers.  We all know that Jack pretends to be gay to fool his bumbling landlord, right? So fans were treated to this exchange:

Terri: What’s wrong with Jack?

Mr. Furley: I think he’s been baking a little too much banana bread lately.

I figure that this is a strange reference to gay sex.  What I don’t get is exactly what it means.  I mean, obviously, I understand the banana part.  And I guess baking because the inside of his body is so warm?  But I have no idea why it’s bread.  All I know is Joyce DeWitt is a bitch.