Well, this has been an eventful day. For one, I’ve been walking outside comfortably all day in short sleeves – in February. In New Jersey. (Not really an “event,” but definitely out of the ordinary.) Then, the good folks over at Fire Joe Morgan revealed their identities for all to see. And, to top it all off, today was signing day – the first day high school senior football players can sign official, binding letters of intent to attend the college of their choice.

If you follow college football closely – and especially if you follow any one team particularly closely – chances are you’re up on the recruiting process. Truth be told, it’s kind of crazy, and endless game of one-upsmanship that at its worst demonstrates some of the things that aren’t so great about college sports. Naturally, I devour every tidbit on the stuff like it’s the last recruiting info I’ll ever receive.

I’m a Rutgers student and Rutgers football fan, as is 41MTF founder Tom. However, when it comes to following recruiting, I take a backseat to very few. I have been following, for a pretty long time now, many of the group of players who signed up to go to Rutgers today (and many of those who didn’t). My attention has been focused on this particular class of signees since just about one year ago to the day, and over the past year I have wasted countless hours poring over information on these guys, where they might go, what position they might play once they get to the next level, etc. All of it led up to this day.

Truth be told, it was actually pretty anticlimactic. Some players take it down to the wire and commit at the last minute. One new RU signee did that (Marcus Cooper), although another, more high-profile RU target (J.B. Fitzgerald) also did it…and chose Michigan. Almost all of the rest were decided before the 11th hour, making this signing day more of a confirmation of what was already known. This disappointed some RU fans who wanted to see the team reel in a few more high-profile guys, while among more optimistic people, levelheadedness reigned.

Me? Sure, I wish RU could have landed more guys like Fitzgerald and Will Hill (another Jersey guy who’s off to Florida), but overall this is a good group. Lots of potential defensive backs, which is an area of need. Indeed, lots of talent overall. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing all of them on Rutgers someday. Art Forst, Steve Shimko, and Keith Stroud are already on campus as early enrollees – to those three, congrats and best of luck.

And to Marvin Booker, Morgan Carter, Marcus Cooper, Khaseem Green, Marquis Hamm, D.C. Jefferson, Malcolm Johnson, Brandon Jones, Pat Kivlehan, Eric LeGrand, Eddie Poole, David Rowe, Scott Vallone, Wayne Warren, Devon Watkis, Rashad White, and Tim Wright (Want proof of my obsession? I came up with those names without looking at a list): hopefully all of you will do what it takes to arrive at RU and succeed. You’ve got the potential to be part of something pretty exciting in Piscataway…although, since you’ve all committed already, you didn’t really need me to tell you that.

Anyway…that’s over. On to ’09 recruiting. Bring on Tom Savage, Theo Riddick, and the rest (and of course Mohamed Sanu, since he’s already committed).