Today was hopefully one of the final chapter’s in the Roger Clemens steroid drama.  Today Clemens and long-time trainer and friend Brian McNamee spoke in front of Congress about the alleged reports that Roger Clemens had taken steroids.  It started out a little slow but a lot was found out during this hearing.  First of all I am embarrassed to consider myself a republican today with the way they went after Brian McNamee.  They bullied him around and treated Roger Clemens like a celebrity instead of a witness in a very serious case.

Let’s start with Virginia Foxx (R-NC), instead of asking tough questions she decided she would use her time to show pictures of Roger Clemens and comment on how she does not see a size differential between the Clemens from the photographs and the Clemens of today.  “It doesn’t appear to me that your size has changed much.” she said.  She also had no idea of the exact dates of the photographs, I wouldn’t be surprised if she asked Clemens to autograph the pictures after the hearing was over.  I couldn’t take this woman seriously.

I  was going to save this guy until last but I just need to get out my feelings on him now while it’s still boiling in my blood.  Dan Burton (R-IN) made a complete fool of himself.  He went on and on about how McNamee was a liar and he couldn’t believe anything that he was saying.  He bullied and tried to embarrass McNamee who, as he was throughout the hearing, was very calm and collected and seemed to be telling the truth.  Burton even went as far as to read lines of newspaper articles in which McNamee was quoted and asked him whether or not they were lies.  Which we all knew they were.  But ask yourself this question…these articles were all from a few years ago, so would McNamee willingly just tell the Daily News that he was giving steroids to Clemens? “You’re here under oath, and yet we have lie after lie after lie after lie,” said Burton.  He wasn’t under oath for the lies that he admitted too!  And while you were questioning him all he did was tell the truth.  Clearly Burton has a personal vendetta against McNamee but came off terribly.   This man embarrassed himself.  Then Burton told McNamee he couldn’t believe anything that he said and so far as basically say that he felt bad for Clemens because he doesn’t know if he will be able to get his reputation back.  Clemens reputation was is what it should be.

When Tom Davis (R-VA) was bringing up an issue on whether or not Clemens came to a party hosted by Jose Canseco (Let me just interject by giving some background on this issue…whether or not Clemens was at the party has nothing to do with the steroid issue, simply McNamee steadfastly claims that Roger Clemens was at the party whilst everyone else including Clemens is claiming he wasn’t.  A few Congressman were using this was a knock on McNamee’s crediblity.  To McNamee’s credit he stuck to his story.)  Tom Davis brought this issue up to knock McNamee when Clemens let it slip that he maybe stopped by just to drop off his kids or maybe swung by after golf.  Davis did not follow up on these remarks.

Christopher Shays (R-CT) also berated McNamee with names, repeatedly calling him a drug dealer and treating him like a child.

Elijah Cummings (D-MD) was the hero of these hearings.  He asked Clemens the most obvious of questions, but no one else had.  Why would McNamee tell the truth about Andy Pettitte’s and Chuck Knoblauch’s use of banned substances (both confirmed McNamee’s claims) and then lie about Roger Clemens?  Clemens said he had no idea and once again, as he did all day, went off on a tangent, this time about his friendship with Andy.  Cummings then put an end to Clemens by saying “It’s hard to believe you, sir,” Cummings told Clemens. “You’re one of my heroes. But it’s hard to believe you.”  It was about time that somebody slammed Clemens.  These questions came directly from Cummings…

  • “Mr. Pettitte said he had ‘no doubt’ about his recollection. … Why would he tell Congress that one of his closest friends was taking an illegal performance-enhancing drug if there was any doubt in his mind?”
  • On Pettitte’s wife, Laura, also saying Pettitte had told her that Clemens had admitted using HGH: “If that conversation never happened, why would Laura Pettitte remember that conversation?”
  • “What possible reason would Mr. Pettitte have to fabricate a statement about you, his friend?”

Also Chairman Henry Waxman did a great job discovering and bombshell piece of evidence linking Clemens to the party that many claimed and even signed sworm affidavits that he wasn’t there.  McNamee earlier mentioned that he definitely remembered seeing Clemens nanny at the party.  So apparently a few weeks before the hearing Waxman asked Clemens legal team to help him get in touch with the nanny for questioning.  Waxman then explained that Clemens had invited the nanny over days before the hearing to talk about things.  Waxman stopped short of accusing Clemens’ team of witness tampering but he implied it.  Then he revealed that the nanny said that Clemens was at the party.  Clemens danced around once again.

I have to give a lot of credit to Elijah Cummings for asking the simple questions that no one else would ask.  In my opinion it’s obvious that Roger Clemens did steroids.  Throughout the hearing McNamee was calm, straight to the point, and answering questions in a timely matter with confidence.  Clemens would constantly pause during his answers and dance around the questions.  More than a couple times he would go off and rant for about a minute on a subject matter not pertaining to the question.

What I can’t believe is the complete audacity of Clemens to sit there in front of the world and lie right to our faces and to keep up this charade.  It honestly sickens me.  He thinks because he is Roger Clemens that he is going to be able to get out of this.  I don’t think it’s going to happen but I would beg for Clemens to be brought up on perjury charges because he did lie under oath.  Not to some newspaper a few years ago.  (Got that Burton?)  Seriously though…why would McNamee tell the truth about two people and lie about somebody else?