Last year I did a big write up and picked every single category, this year I’m just going to pick the major ones with a few comments on who I think will win.  I’ll give it to you straight though, I haven’t seen a few of the movies so some of these picks are shots in the dark.  I haven’t seen Michael Clayton or Atonement so give me a break, I’m giving you the truth.

OK, I’m just going to run through the categories, give you my winner, and then explain why I would do such a thing.

Original Screenplay- Juno

This was a great movie with some pretty sharp writing.  When compared to the other nominees I’d have to give Juno the nod.  There were great characters and the story moved well and was very real.  Congratulations Diablo.

Adapted Screenplay- No Country For Old Men

It’s going to be a big night for the Coen Brothers and No Country For Old Men.  I expect it to take home a bunch of Oscars, including this one.

Supporting Actor- Javier Bardem

Can a single performance in a single movie redefine the word scary?  I didn’t think so until I saw this movie and still dream about Bardem’s haunting turn as Anton Chigurh.  He was Jason, Freddy, and Michael Myers all in one, but he was real.  That’s what made him so great.

Supporting Actress- Amy Ryan

I know Ruby Dee won the Golden Globe and is also in the indy Steam that Don was an extra in, so all indications would point to Ms. Dee as the winner but no!  Amy Ryan’s portrayal as the drug addicted mother of an abducted child in Gone Baby Gone was astounding.

Lead Actor- Daniel Day Lewis

My God Sir!  Legendary is about the only word that could be used to describe his performance.  If he doesn’t win…can you say biggest Oscar upset of all time.  Take that ‘How Green Was My Valley’.

Lead Actress- Marion Cotillard

Honestly I don’t know.  I’ve heard good things about this performance so I’m just taking a chance here.  I’d love to see Ellen Page win but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Directing- Joel and Ethan Coen

No Country For Old Men takes home another big award.  I really think it’s going to be a great night for this movie.  I will say though that Paul Thomas Anderson could easily win this award, he did wonders on that movie but I just think the Coens will definitely win this.
Best Picture- No Country For Old Men

To cap off a great night for this movie, though if it turns out to be a ‘There Will Be Blood’ night then I’ll look like a complete fool, but I have a feeling about this movie.  I personally thought it was the best movie that I saw last year, though I haven’t seen everything.  I just don’t think Michael Clayton or Atonement really stand much of a chance.  I did see Juno but I also don’t think it was as good as ‘There Will Be Blood’ or ‘No Country For Old Men.’  My vote goes to the latter.