Edit: They stopped, now they’re doing it again! Sons of bitches!

I’m a smarmy liberal who scoffs when he hears the opinions of those without graduate school educations, so I was heading over to NYTimes.com to read what the latest news was in a language only my peers and I understand.  But when I got there and tried reading the story on the U.S. shooting down its old spy satellite, I saw this warning:

What the hell is this nonsense?  I’ve enjoyed free articles on their website for quite some time now, since they got rid of that awful TimesSelect bullshit.  Then they opened up the op-ed and the archives, and things were even better for internet users all over the world!  So why are they going back to this 1998 model of internet news? Do they really want us to have to install that worthless BugMeNot add-on to our Firefox again?

I mean, I love the Times, but I’d rather just go over to CNN.com or any of the other hundreds of reputable news sources.  I’m not signing in every time I feel like checking up on some news.  Shame on you, New York Times. I thought you had more tech-savvy than this.