EW / Bob D’Amico

It’s that time again! Tonight I’ll be covering the Oscars live, updating the blog every few minutes with a new juicy paragraph or so on what is going on.  If any of you out there don’t own a TV, it will be a great help to you.  For the rest of us, just toss the laptop onto the couch and refresh every few minutes so we can all follow along together!

If you are a writer on the blog, I ask that you don’t write any new posts once the live blogging starts, just to keep the main post at the top for anyone trying to find it.  Here is how we’ll do it, just like last year: I write my thoughts in here, the main space.  Everyone else is encouraged to comment along with the show.  The comments are usually the best part of this whole thing, and during breaks in the action I’ll do my best to bring some of the discussion up here. Leave comments, everyone!  If you’re a stranger who has been looking to make six new friends, now is your chance!