I recently wrote a post called I Haven’t Forgotten About You Drake Bell. That was then, that was when I thought the world of him. I had no idea what he was doing at the time, but for some reason I felt it was great. Recently, however, I discovered otherwise. With thoughts that he was probably writing a new catchy tune or filming a new movie with Josh Peck, I uncovered some information that disappointed me to the core. I was reading through my latest Entertainment Weekly magazine, the Spring Movie Preview, and I came across a film titled ‘Superhero Movie‘ starring Drake Bell as Ricky Riker/Dragonfly. I immediately thought of those clowns Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the geniuses behind the films ‘Date Movie’, ‘Epic Movie’, and ‘Meet the Spartans.’ The three worst movies ever. This movie isn’t from those guys, but it is from the guy who brought us ‘RocketMan’ with Harland Williams. So I say to you, Mr. Bell… why? You’re better than this Drake, you owe us more.