For your Sunday night video-viewing pleasure: I had Pete in mind when I found this clip. Jess– um… Charlotte Sometimes and New Atlantic, two artists who we here at 41mtf have “personal” relationships with, singing Timbaland’s “Apologize,” a song that I know Pete and Don hate with a vengeance.

If this video made anyone furious, I’m sorry.  I just thought that I had to bring it to everyone’s attention. And if you loved it, then you might want to check her out at her myspace.  Or maybe  see her on tour, she’s playing SXSW, Bamboozle, Warped Tour, and shows in every town in America.  Nothing in New Jersey, though, which is strange — she doesn’t strike me as someone who would just completely ignore the things that helped propel her career the minute she got the slightest bit of success.

I’m, uh, talking about New Jersey, of course.