time saver

Movie idea: TIME SAVER — The story of a man who, once a year, spends an hour exploring a world frozen in time, as he lives every minute of the hour we all miss for “spring forward” at the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. It starts off innocently enough — peeking at people in the shower, driving really fast, making his boss pick his nose.  But as he gets older, it becomes the only hour he really cares about.  He speeds from time zone to time zone, trying to get a sweet, sweet taste of that forbidden period, where he is the only thing that exists.

It can be just like Click, just a lot less horrible.

So, as I was saying to myself before; what the hell happened to 2 a.m.? It was weird, man, when that clock changed.  1:59… 3:00. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the idea that time is a concept constructed by society, so we can manipulate it as we please.  Then again, I got used to the new Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince, so I can probably handle anything.