Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris is 68 today, and I thought it would be fitting to honor the man by listing some hilarious facts about his life.  This seems like the cool thing to do these days, so hopefully I’m jumping on the bandwagon at the right time.

Chuck Norris “Facts”:

  • Received “Veteran of the Year 2001” honor at the 6th Annual American Veteran Awards.
  • His father Ray was killed in a car accident, shortly after cancer surgery. Part of Ray’s throat and chin were removed; a tube was inserted in his trachea to help him breathe. Ray was thrown out of his car in the wreck, and the tube came out. Ray suffocated on the ground because no one at the accident site was aware of the tube.
  • Is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the Machado Brothers.
  • Publicly condemned The Golden Compass as anti-Christian.
  • Both his parents were half Irish and half Cherokee.
  • Attended a Valentine’s Day celebration at the White House, wearing black boots with his tuxedo. Singer Michael Feinstein capped the romantic evening by serenading the crowd.
  • Was the initial choice for the character of Red Forman on the Fox sitcom That ’70s Show.
  • Reader’s Digest once noted a story of how Norris, true to his characters, prefers to find a non-violent way to solve a situation. Norris was in a bar once when a customer walked in and said to him, “You’re in my seat. Move.” Norris complied, and as the customer sat down, he recognized Norris. He then said, “Chuck, you could’ve kicked my butt if you wanted to. Instead of moving, why didn’t you just attack me?” Norris’ response: “What would that have accomplished?” Norris later said the experience resulted in him getting a new admirer… and a new friend.

Am I doing it right?