I don’t know how many people have known about this, but I just found out about it today and was shocked to say the least. Apparently, the state of Kansas is home to the Westboro Baptist Church. They are a wonderful congregation consisting of lunatics and hate mongers. The church claims that America is doomed due to the fact that our free country allows homosexuality to run rampant. Since they hate gay people, they have decided that it was the fault of the gays for 9-11, the Iraq war and everything else that sucks in the country. Actually it is thier God who is to blame for all the horrors according to them. It seems that they believe that God is knocking down New York skyscrapers and killing U.S. troops because He is mad with America for being OK with Gays. The claim to fame, as it were, of this Church in Kansas is that they attend funerals for U.S. troops and protest outside with signs that range from saying “God Hates Your Tears”, “AIDS Cures Fags”, and “God Hates Cripple Soldiers.”

I found out about these lunatics from my mother who works at our city hall. She informed me that the funeral tomorrow for a soldier/former student in our school system, was now being considered a homeland security threat. Um what? Then she told me that our police, rescue squad, and fire department would be standing by at the funeral for fear that thousands of religious zealots might come to town to protest the funeral on Main Street! I immediately imagined this protest to be much like the end of E.T. when the NASA guys march in slow motion over the hill and descend upon the town to capture little E.T. This knew knowledge of Kansas church lunatics made me read up on them some. What I found was the website GODHATESFAGS.COM. Charming. The website is very nice looking if you pretend that it isn’t riddled with jpegs of little 5 year old girls holding signs that say “FAGS DIE, GOD LAUGHS.” It was appalling to even look at.

So tomorrow at around noon, please pray that these protesters decide not to show in my town. Pray for the family of the soldier as well. Regardless of whether or not you believe in god or “fags”, there is still a mother tonight who has to bury her son in the ground tomorrow. Also the people from Westboro Baptist Church have the makings of terrorists and Nazis, and hopefully they will all burn in Hell.

(this post wasn’t posted yesterday as I had hoped because I didn’t have time to finish it up. As an update I must say that this group did not come to my town and that is a very good thing. Sadly other towns will no doubt be troubled by these people.)