We’ve got a little comptish (as Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards host Jack Black might say) going among the four bloggers here at 41mtf. Utilizing the Facebook app created by CBS Sports, we have created our brackets for the NCAA Tournament.  Because the Madness® started today, I can now see everyone’s brackets, so I thought I’d take this time to compare our Final Four choices.

Note: Jeff and Don did not join the pool, and Greg joined but never filled out his bracket — I will assume that this is because they are all new and didn’t feel they had earned the right to be a part of it. I appreciate their humility.

Tom — Tennesse, Wisconsin, Memphis, UCLA

Champ: UCLA over Tennessee

Pete — North Carolina, Clemson, Texas, UCLA

Champ: North Carolina over Texas

Glenn — Tennessee, Georgetown, Michigan State, UCLA

Champ:  UCLA over Tennessee

Some interesting notes here:

  • Glenn and Tom have the same picks for the championship game, most likely as a result of some bizarre love triangle.
  • They also both have one of Pete’s Final Four teams, Clemson, losing in the first round. Look for the result of that game to create a rift in their friendship.
  • Pete didn’t pick a 5-12 upset, Glenn picked one, and Tom picked two.
  • Everyone thinks Duke will lose to West Virginia in the second round.
  • Unanimous upset picks: Davidson, Arkansas
  • First round upset choices: Tom-7, Pete-6, Glenn-8.
  • Signature first round picks:
    • Tom: Western Kentucky over Drake, BYU over Texas A&M
    • Pete: Kent St. over UNLV, USC over Kansas St.
    • Glenn: Winthrop over Wash St., Kentucky over Marquette