Kim Christie

Notice above a nice picture of an attractive girl. This girl is a friend of mine, a beautiful singer, and an all-around nice person. However, for all the things she has going for her, the one thing she doesn’t have is glam shot originality.

Jeff glam shot

This is a shot of me, senior year of high school. Notice anything peculiar? (Scroll up a little) Little Miss Perfect up there clearly has a thing to learn about a fine glamor shot. While hers is clearly posed, mine was completely natural. That’s right, no posing at all required at all for this delightful candid shot. Sure, I switched it to black and white for an old-timey, classic feel, but the spirit remained the same. This is me as I am, and our friend at the top of the article, beautiful as she may be, has a thing or two to learn.

I’m not upset, of course. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. This is not the first time this beautiful shot of me has had an impact in the lives of others. Putting this photo on Facebook struck such a chord with my classmates that they were too intimidated and awestruck to be friends with me freshman year of college. Ah, the lonely nights were a constant reassurance of my beauty and might.

And now I see that the beautiful piece of art that is my headshot has had influence in a whole new way, inspiring the way a young woman wishes the world to view her over the Internet. I am inspired and humbled by this homage to my glory. I only hope that other good-looking girls may follow in her footsteps. One can learn a thing or two from a seasoned vet of quality profile-picture-choosing.