I know we are in the midst of March Madness but the Major League Baseball season kicks off tomorrow so I wanted to get my 2008 predictions out in the public.  I know people probably hate when I make predictions but I enjoy doing them so any opportunity I get to lay down a good prediction I’ll take.  So with no further delays here they are.

  •  National League
    • East:  New York Mets
    • Central: Milwaukee Brewers
    • West: Los Angeles Dodgers
    • Wild Card: Philadelphia Phillies
  • American League
    • East: New York Yankees
    • Central: Detroit Tigers
    • West: Anaheim Angels
    • Wild Card: Seattle Mariners
  • Divisional Round
    • National League
      • Mets over Brewers
      • Phillies over Dodgers
    • American League
      • Tigers over Mariners
      • Yankees over Angels

    Championship Round

    • National League
      • Mets over Phillies

      American League

      • Tigers over Yankees

    World Series

    • Tigers over Mets

That’s how I see things going for this upcoming season.  I was having some trouble with the bullets so ignore the sloppiness and concentrate on the greatness.


NL MVP: David Wright

AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera

NL Cy Young: Jake Peavy

AL Cy Young: Erik Bedard

NL Coach of the Year: Joe Torre

AL Coach of the Year: John McLaren