It can’t hurt. Something had to be done here. The Knicks needed to bring in someone fresh from the outside and Donnie Walsh may be the right choice here. As maybe the only NBA fan on the blog I was very interested in the hiring today, the Knicks have been run horribly the past few years with most of the blame being placed on Isiah Thomas, but Jim Dolan deserves a lot of the blame as well. They have run themselves into salary cap hell and won’t be free to make any decent free agent moves for three years. They needed someone from the outside to come in here and be given full run of the house, which they have given Walsh.

Donnie Walsh has been with the Pacers for over 20 years and did a very good job while in Indiana. He is from New York, which only adds to the pro’s of adding someone of his stature. He is one of the faces of the NBA.  For these reasons, among others, I am pretty happy with the acquisition of Walsh. What bothers me though is that he likes Isiah and may feel inclined to keep him on as head coach, but hire someone else as the General Manager.  I know that’s what Dolan would do.  But I think Walsh, since he was given full autonomy, will do what’s right.  If he decides to keep Isiah on as coach then he really isn’t doing his job, the state of the Garden is chaos and Isiah Thomas is clearly not the right man for the job.  If Walsh keeps him he obviously took this job for the money and doesn’t have the best interest of the organization at heart.  He has to fire Thomas, and I think he will.