We are, on this site, a collection of onomastiphiles.  Glenn and I have it worse than anyone else, I suspect, but it’s hard not to be sucked into our dark world. In fact, you’re probably one too.

If you haven’t gone to alert your local police to my presence in the neighborhood yet, then I’ll explain that an onomastophile is someone who loves crazy names.  I learned this word while researching one of the all-time greatest names of all time: Cantwell F. Muckenfuss III.

On the same site, I learned about Clapsaddle S. Tadlock, Wilhemina Twaddle and M. Wofford Zonk III.  I know I’m venturing into dangerous territory here — Name of the Year already brings you mad names from the sporting world every March (all of which are mind-blowing), and there are dozens of other great sites and probably hundreds of blog posts on the subject.

But I don’t think anyone has been fully utilizing the world onomastiphile. So I’m calling dibs on it, Muckenfusser!