As I sit here listening to “Best of Both Worlds” by Hannah Montana I am in a Disney state of mind.  The news of High School Musical 4 didn’t come with much surprise.  I had heard rumors of a this movie and even a High School Musical 5 being made.  I wasn’t really that upset though, I was more happy than anything.  Sure, it will be a major adjustment (yes it does sound ridiculous but is ridiculously true) to get used to a new cast but it can be done.  I know Tom stated in his post about this that he doesn’t really care for the idea but I disagree.  When the first one came out nobody really knew the cast except for maybe Ashley Tisdale <3, but they loved it anyway.  Tom also stated that “it can’t be good luck to have a film and its sequel in pre-production at the same time,” agreed but they aren’t both being filmed at the same time.  The script for High School Musical 3 has already been completed and the announcement about HSM4 was that they are just starting to write the script.  I don’t see any conflict issues there.  I’m not trying to downplay the current cast, because I love them more than most kids but I think we’d all grow to love the songs and dances of a new cast as well.  We would always hold the originals in our hearts but we’d grow to enjoy the new ones as well.  I used Grease as an example when trying to convince myself of whether I liked this or not.  The original Grease is maybe the best movie musical ever made.  Then Grease 2 came along with a completely new cast of characters and I liked it.  I thought it was fine.  A lot of people disagree but it shows that you can adapt to a new cast.  As long as the writing and songs are there I think people will feel the same.