Will Shortz must have been feeling the (Jersey Roots) Global Reach today, because the New York Times crossword was sporting some serious RU pride.

49 Across was clued “Home of the Scarlet Knights.” HEY, I KNOW THAT ONE!

Then, after digging a little deeper, I realized that one of the theme answers was one of Rutgers’ most noted fake alumni. 17 Across: “Myopic cartoon fellow,”

I eventually finished the puzzle, though I missed the second Z in ZAMBEZI (how could I be so stupid! I had a T, like an ass). But I was too fired up to worry about mistakes.  I made sure to announce my finding the moment my next class began; everyone expressed their lack of interest, and I sadly settled back into my corner. But I’m sure you guys think this is cool, right? I mean, it’s the NYT X-Word! The greatest in the world!