We all know he’s blind but despite popular belief that isn’t the reason he sucks.  We all know that he has had plenty of person infidelities but that also isn’t the reason that he sucks.  The reason that he is a terrible person is because on his tax forms it was discovered that he only donated $150 in old clothes to charity this past year.  Now I know this story is a couple days old but seriously now Davey, you didn’t even write a single check to charity last year?  You just donated some old clothes and estimated the value at about $150.  You disgust me.  You’re a politician who probably ask people to be charitable all the time and you couldn’t even give any real money to charity.  $150 in old clothes?  I’m pretty sure I did that too last year.  I’m not judging you because you’re black.  I’m judging you because you are selfish.  There is a kid who can’t eat tonight because you couldn’t open up the checkbook, but at least he’s nicely dressed.