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Peanut Butter and Jelly…

R and D…

Gary and Tucker…

…Well I wish I never stumbled upon this at all, but here it goes. We now have one more classic duo to add to the already worthy list seen above.


Apparently video game designers have realized that characters such as Batman and mother fucking Sub-Zero now exist in the same world and must do battle with each other: To the death of course. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but this is probably the worst thing that could happen to DC Comics since Batman faced off against The Predator!

Am I supposed to sit still and let Batman, my favorite fictional character of all time, get his utility belt ripped off and used as some kind of noose/whip to fillet him open during some sick “finish him” move?!?! Or worse, force the caped crusader to murder people with exploding batarangs in a clearly uncharacteristic move in the history of his existence? God only knows how Green Lantern or The Flash are going to hold their own against the Johnny Cages and Raidens of this new world.

I will not tell you who is making this game, when it is coming out, or any other detail that might help someone who is interested in playing this game. I am also pissed at DC for just throwing their characters into a stupid world of button mashing.

However, if Aquaman were to be beheaded at any point during gameplay, I would have to jump on board with this game regardless of my opinions stated earlier in this post.