It is official.

The next trailer for The Dark Knight  has been shown to fans at the recent New York City Comic Con! No one knew it was coming until just moments before the unveiling at the convention. Apparently just after a small Speed Racer promotion, a representative from Warner Bros. stepped up to a podium in front of a movie screen and told viewers that “New York Comic Con has always been a special home to one of our characters.” Then he mentioned something about a Bat-Signal and the crowd drowned out the rest of his speech with maniacal screaming worthy of The Joker.

Then they played the long anticipated third trailer for the sequel to Batman Begins and most likely the last before the films July 18th release. Bat-Fans probably remember nearly collapsing after seeing the second trailer in December and with any luck we’ll get another jaw dropping preview this time around.

While it is still yet to be confirmed whether or not this third trailer for The Dark Knight will debut in front of the film Speed Racer or Iron Man, one thing is most likely going to happen for sure: the crazed Bat-Fans like me will see it slightly earlier through the Viral campaign that is being used to promote The Dark Knight. It would take a very long series of posts to explain the viral marketing for this movie but just imagine getting Gotham City newspapers delivered to your house with hidden messages that unlock certain websites. Then imagine worldwide manhunts for bowling bags with cellphones in them that are employed by “The Joker” to contact you with instructions. Then all these wild goose chases and the diciphering of codes generally leads to a trailer debut on one of the hidden sites.

So keeping in mind that as of right now, “Lt. Jim Gordon” of Gotham Major Crimes Unit is blackmailing me into working for him because I got caught in a “sting operation” on one of those viral sites, it is becoming clear that this new chain of viral marketing is leading to the new trailer release.

I know very little about the new trailer for The Dark Knight. That being said, I do know, or I’m choosing to only tell you, two facts from it.

1) We are going to get to see and hear the late great Heath Ledger (as The Joker) deliver dialogue that I have personally been looking forward to ever since I found out The Joker was going to be in this movie. The line is: “It’s Simple, Kill The Batman!”

2) “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain” is the dialogue that ends the trailer and I got chills when I found out that Aaron Eckhart speaks this line as his character Harvey Dent. If you know why this means something, then you’re probably as excited as I am about that line. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then see The Dark Knight when it hits theaters July 18th. And when I see the trailer, I will post all there is to say about it right here on 41Miles.

Why So Serious?