Jill DickinsonNelson Stryker

tara snitkinFried/Sharp


So I was trying to find a website on Google for my hometown of Milltown NJ because I simply forgot the web address. By extreme accident, I searched for images from Milltown NJ by mistake. That’s when it all started.

Being the person I am, I decided to look in on the other images from this square mile of happiness. I was shocked and fairly enraged to find that it took me 6 pages to click through until I found a photo of Jill Dickinson, Milltown’s Champion of Women’s Rights in the game of basketball.


A photo of Nelson Stryker can be found on page 4 just below a photo of Tara Snitkin.

The Lesbian Union photo of Max Fried’s mom and Sally Sharp was pushed to page 27… Disgusting.

Google hates Women’s basketball and Lesbians. 

Nelson Stryker and Tara Snitkin are ok.