According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jimmy Fallon will be replacing Conan O’Brien in 2009 when Conan moves into the 11:35 slot currently occupied by Jay Leno.

According to my brain, my hands just ripped my eyes out of their sockets to prevent me from ever seeing this tragedy.

Fallon is the giggling doofus who ruined SNL for 8 years by never keeping a straight face. He also starred in Taxi and Fever Pitch. His only writing credit is for “SNL Christmas Special 2002,” which seems like a BS cred if I’ve ever heard one.

When Conan took over in 1993, he was unproven as an actor. What he had going for him, however, was experience writing for SNL and The Simpsons. During his time at both shows, he had a huge influence on their comedic styles. Simpsons writers still look back fondly on the days when he worked there, saying that he brought new life to the office and was one of the funniest people they ever met even when he was off-camera.

Jimmy Fallon used to do that impression of a drunk guy from Boston, and then he would laugh, causing Horatio Sans to laugh.

Good luck, Jimmy Fallon. Because from what I’ve seen of your work, you have a bumpy path ahead of you.