So the highly anticipated series of football games between storied Notre Dame and the recent up and coming Rutgers football team has been canceled.  Although it was never official it being viewed as a definite for awhile.  In fact, both schools had each other on their tentative schedules.  Now though it isn’t going to happen, and we have one man to thank.  Bob Mulcahy.  Simply because Notre Dame wanted to play the games in New Jersey at the Meadowlands, Mulcahy big timed the Golden Domers and refused the offer.  There a few reasons why this was an insane move by the Rutgers AD.

First of all, and I know that a few of my fellow bloggers attend Rutgers and are huge fans of the team, what position does Mulcahy think he’s in to be declining such an offer?  Sure Notre Dame had it’s worst season in a long time last year but it was one year.  The two previous seasons before that they were a top ten national team who made it to consecutive BCS bowls.  In each one losing to the next years national champion.  Rutgers has had two decent seasons and unless you go to the school it wasn’t anything special.  They are not even the best team in the conference.  In reality Notre Dame would have been doing Rutgers a favor by playing them.

Another huge reason is that if Rutgers wants to be taken seriously on the national level (some people on this blog think they are) then they have to improve on an extremely weak schedule.  In 2006 Rutgers had Ohio and Howard as two of their non-conference games.  In 2007 they had Buffalo and Norfolk State, as well as a loss to Maryland on their non-conference schedule.  In 2008 they will make it a little better but will still be playing Morgan State.  Mix this with a very weak Big East and you see that unless they improve on the quality of their schedule they will never compete big time.  Adding Notre Dame would have been a major improvement.

Lastly it would have been great for Rutgers as a program.  Playing Notre Dame every year would have increased their national exposure.  Instead of having to move a game to Thursday or Friday night to get a national TV game this game would have been on during a college football Saturday.  Not to mention that when you get down to the actual game it would have been huge for Rutgers.  It’s a no lose situation.  You aren’t going to be expected to win these games so if you do it would be huge for the team.  A win over Notre Dame would probably be the biggest win the history of the program.

But thanks to Mulcahy you can forget about that ever happening.