In celebration of the first real rain of the spring to hit Central Jersey, I’m posing a question to our readers and bloggers. Which of these is a grosser feeling?

  1. Walking around the house in wet socks, where you can feel the wetness between your toes, and the socks became stretched so now every time you step there is extra fabric hanging off the front, so it either drags on the ground or slaps the floor with each step.
  2. Taking the socks off only to realize that the bottom of your jeans are wet, so now your feet and ankles have to feel the cold, wet denim, and because of the extra weight they are always slapping up against your ankle when you take a step.

Personally, I think wet socks are worse than wet jeans. But I don’t think I could stand either of them for more than a few minutes… that’s why I’m already wearing my pajamas at 2 p.m.

Comment! Let your opinion on this hot-button issue be heard!