So let’s just get this out in the open. My name is Don and I love Batman. I understand that I have been primarily writing posts on this site regarding the new film The Dark Knight as of late. If anyone out there is getting sick of me writing about it, then I’m sorry but it isn’t just a passing phase. If you hate me, then hate me. But if you want info, then here I am to serve as your self-appointed 41 Miles Bat-News man!

Today was a dark day for online Bat-Fans everywhere. Reports kept coming in that the third trailer would be hitting the web today to coincide with a marketing game that spanned several cities from London to Boston. Online players were in place to relay information to ground players who were actually in the cities that were hosting the game. The game itself was much like a scavenger hunt. The clues as to where the ground crew needed to go were passed on to them via the online players. This type of Bat-game has gone on once before in L.A. last summer at Comic Con to reveal the original trailer. The result of today’s scavenger hunt was clearly to uncover the new trailer online… But we were all deceived!

At a certain point, the online players told the ground players the final clue. Once the ground players discovered the next location in which to travel, they were rewarded with a free screening of the new trailer in a full sized movie theater. They were given Joker cards and one person from each screening even won a raffle of the actual film strip with the trailer on it! All of this is well and good however the online players’ portion of the game abruptly halted. The trail had run cold. Finally some nerd somewhere discovered a sister site to the original viral site with the clues that let you shoot ducks or some shit. If you hit the ducks in a certain order you go to another site. THE NEXT SITE WE FOUND TOLD US THAT THE TRAILER WOULDN’T BE ONLINE UNTIL SUNDAY!

Clearly this marketing strategy is not going very easy on the online fans who couldn’t make it to London to search for clues at 5:30 at night. Many Bat-Fans are very upset and even though the marketing for this film thus far has been top notch, I am finding myself slipping away from it. Sometimes I wish I was just your average Joe who didn’t care one way or the other if he saw The Dark Knight. I feel if that were true that the time would pass faster. However I am not one of those poor saps. I am a Bat-Fan now and forever. But oh God, somtimes I just can’t stand all these waiting games…

As always, I promise to post the new trailer as soon as I can.