(You guys like that New York Times-style headline?)

Every month, an online community of which I am a member releases a playlist of about 120 songs by mostly indie acts. Normally, I know about 40% of the acts, so I go through and delete the songs I already have. I was just performing my normal pre-listen deletion for the May list, and found a tune on there by an artist that we all know. The evidence is below, a screenshot from my iTunes:

Char-Jess-lotte-ie-Pol-Some-and-times (as she’s known around these parts), after trying to hard to get herself out of my life (indirectly, of course), has now found a way to sneak back in. Surely, this girl is one radio play away from striking it rich. Many of the bands on this list never go anywhere… but a few lucky ones wind up playing SNL only a few months later.

Just thought I’d let you guys know. It’s happening, and it could be sooner than we think.