It came online yesterday at around noonish and even though I had already seen a bootleg version of it on other sites, the official release has blown me away! The Joker is looking more and more like the best on-screen villain ever, and there are even some very subtle surprises to be found here in this new trailer.

Surprise #1: In the trailer right after Alfred makes a joke, Batman smashes into a van from above. When looking very closely, the occupant in the driver’s seat is noneother than The Scarecrow, a villain from Batman Begins. This confirms the reports that the character would make an appearance in the sequel.

Surprise #2: Harvey Dent can be seen holding a gun next to his head in a car. The left side of his face is hidden pretty well but scars can be seen on his face as well as scuffed up clothing on that side of his body. This is our first look at Two Face ladies and gentlemen!

Surprise #3: The Joker clearly throws Rachel Dawes off a building. If she goes splat on the ground or if the Dark Knight himself swoops in to catch her is still a mystery.

All in all, this is a great trailer with awesome images and even better dialogue. This movie will be amazing when it comes out July 18th! No doubt.