Apparently the Chicago White Sox have come under fire for jokingly trying to exorcise their hitting demons with an elaborate clubhouse display including female blowup dolls. Personally, I don’t see the big deal. If they had forced actual women to strip naked, then tied them down so they could be used as part of this, then yes, we would have a major issue. However, this did not happen. They used inanimate objects. Inanimate objects that maybe don’t appeal to our more refined sensibilities, yes, but…it’s a joke.

Manager Ozzie Guillen downplayed the whole incident, saying in the linked article, “I don’t think we tried to disrespect or hurt anybody’s feelings. We just tried to have fun and to keep things loose. Obviously a lot of people took it the wrong way.” Ozzie and sanity have had their fair share of clashes (including this recent one), but here I have to side with him. This is a non-issue.

White Sox GM Ken Williams, on the other hand, seemed to overreact a bit, even if it was just as damage control, saying, ” I don’t view this as a boys-being-boys type issue. This is, you know, boys being a little bit careless, a little bit irresponsible on this front.” Maybe – but they’re baseball players doing this in their own clubhouse. I can’t shake the feeling that any controversy here is due to some seriously thin skin. They’re blowup dolls, people. They’re as big of a joke as any manufactured thing could be. I mean – come on, we’re talking about something Norm McDonald made a joke about in Dirty Work.

Well, I’m a blogger. Time to be profane.

Darn if I can’t figure out this overreaction! I’m even starting to get a little ticked! (Tingling with lewdness!) I just have to wonder what the heck (giggle) is going on! Any ideas from you? Goodness!

…I’m sorry, that was totally out of line. I really need to learn to control myself when I’m trying to make a point, right, Buzz?