So since this happened days ago, you might already know about it. I’ll just give you quick updates to the ABC schedule, because I don’t think there are many surprises here.

Canned: October Road, Men in Trees, Big Shots, Carpoolers, Cashmere Mafia, Cavemen, Miss/Guided, Women’s Murder Club

Staying: Everything else… including According to Jim. AGAIN.

New: Life on Mars, The Goode Family (Midseason), Scrubs (Midseason), Opportunity Knocks

My take…

There is nothing special to see here. ABC absolutely flopped last year with its new shows, so they just cut their losses, dropped them all, and went back to work. Lost will be back next year with a shortened season, starting in the winter. Other than that, I tend to avoid ABC as much as possible. Scrubs will be added mid-season, and I’m very interested to see how a comedy series eight years into its run will handle the shift in networks. After all, NBC has plenty of comedies that go right along with Scrubs, but the style is totally new for ABC. Oh, and According to Jim got renewed for another season. That’s your own fault, America.

Among the news shows: Life on Mars will be an American adaptation of the touted BBC drama of the same name. Producers say that they will try to keep it close to the British original. The Goode Family is an animated series by Mike Judge (King of the Hill) “that revolves around a family obsessed with doing the ‘right’ thing environmentally, politically and socially.” This interests me as an animation guy, because I think it might be the first time ABC has tried doing a prime time animated series. It’s coming midseason, but it could be used to compete with the new animated slate that Fox is rolling out.

Opportunity Knocks is a reality show produced by Ashton Kutcher, where a van pulls up to your house, goes through your belongings, and then quizes family members about each other. In all likelyhood, it will be a piece of garbage.