CBS is generally regarded, by me, as the network for the elderly. But they also dominate in the ratings and tend to make pretty intelligent decisions concerning new programs. Let’s see if they can strike oil this year.

Canned: Shark, Moonlight, Cane, Kid Nation, Power of 10, Secret Talents of the Stars, Viva Laughlin, Welcome to the Captain

Staying: How I Met Your Mother. And everything else that I’d never watch.

New: The Worst Week, Project Gary, The Ex List, Eleventh Hour, The Mentalist, Harper’s Island (Midseason)

My take…

This upfront made me go “YAY” and “awwww” within a few seconds of each other. HIMYM is back! Thank God CBS has some sense left in them, because this little sitcom that could is just so damn funny that whatever they’re losing in ratings, I’m  sure they are making up for in TV karma. The sad news is that Kid Nation is gone… man, did I ever love that show. Forget all that stuff you heard about unsafe conditions for the kids and broken bones and child labor laws — the amazing changes that these kids went through, and the looks on their faces when they did something right were more than enough to warrant another season.

And the new shows are: The Worst Week, which is owned by NBC but airing on CBS, is an adaptation of a British sitcom about a young engaged couple meeting their new in-laws. Another new comedy series is Jay Mohr’s Project Gary, about a divorced dad trying to balance dating with child-rearing. The Ex List is a romantic dramedy for the ladies, and Eleventh Hour and The Mentalist are more flashy CBS procedurals.

The buzz from this is CBS’s concentration on comedy and women. They have pretty good luck with comedy ratings at the moment, so it seems like a smart area in which to expand.