And we’ve reached the end of upfronts week (feels like it just started!). FOX gets last ups, and their lineup has me very excited because of the bump in prime time animation. Let’s take a look:

Canned: Back To You, Canterbury’s Law, K-Ville, Nashville, New Amsterdam, Next Great American Band, Return of Jezebel James, Unhitched

Staying: Basically everything you care about.

New: Sit Down, Shut Up; The Cleveland Show; Dollhouse (Midseason); Fringe; Do Not Disturb (formerly The Inn); Secret Millionaire (Midseason)

My take…

FOX didn’t cancel anything that I would have remotely considered watching for a second, so I’m a happy camper. Yeah, ‘Til Death is back, but whatever. And they kept Moment of Truth alive too… I guess they didn’t ruin enough lives this past year?

Here’s your FOX newness: Sit Down, Shut Up had better be awesome or else I’ll — well, I’ll just die. Set in a fishing town high school, the show focuses on eight faculty members and features the voice talents of Kenan Thompson, Will Forte, Jason Bateman, Maria Bramford, Henry Winkler, Cheri Oteri, Will Arnett and Tom Kenny. Yeah, I know. I know! I’m giddy about this. Oh, and it’s produced by A, Mitch Hurwitz. It’s all too good to be true. The only down-sides: It’s going to be animation set in front of live action backgrounds (weird), and we have to wait till 2009 to watch it.

The Cleveland Show is a Family Guy spin-off featuring Cleveland, a character I can barely stand listening to for 30 seconds, moving to Virginia and meeting a whole new wacky cast of characters! “Cleveland has a few surprises in store for him, including a flirtatious new stepdaughter, a 5-year-old stepson who loves the ladies, as well as a collection of neighbors that includes a loudmouth redneck couple, a British family seemingly stuck in the Victorian era and a family of bears living at the end of the block.” UH OH! IT’S GONNA BE ZAAAANY!

Fringe is a new J.J. Abrams sci-fi series about a plane crash, which could be good, even though it sounds a little familiar, and Dollhouse is the new sci-fi from cult favorite Joss Whedon (Buffy, Firefly) about memory-erasing. Both are getting a lot of good press, probably because they have strong producers.