The NBC upfronts happened a month ago, but I’ll post the changes here so you can have the info fresh in your mind as you contemplate the other networks new schedules.

Canned: Bionic Woman, Las Vegas, Amnesia, 1 vs. 100, Journeyman, My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad, Clash of the Choirs, The Singing Bee, and Scrubs (moving to ABC).

Staying: Everything else… all your Thursday favorites are there, as is Friday Night Lights, though not in full effect (see below).

New: My Own Worst Enemy, Momma’s Boys, Crusoe, Kath & Kim, Celebrity Circus, Knight Rider, The Philanthropist (Midseason) Kings (Midseason), Merlin (Midseason), America’s Toughest Jobs (Midseason). Also, The Office spinoff.

My take…

NBC is dropping a lot of dead weight that helped them survive the strike. Sadly, they aren’t losing all of it (I’m looking at you, American Gladiators). The Office is coming back, as is the new Office spinoff, which will be debuting after the Super Bowl, but we’ll miss Scrubs from that Thursday night lineup. I haven’t yet seen the physical schedule, so I’m not sure what they’ll be replacing it with. Heroes is back, though I haven’t watched season two yet. Oh, and apparently Nashville Star is coming back — I wasn’t aware it had ever arrived in the first place.

Friday Night Lights will be back next year, but it’s going to be a bit odd. NBC ordered 13 episodes, and they’re going to air exclusively on DirecTV in the fall. Then, in February, NBC will air them. So, if you don’t subscribe to DirecTV, you’ll have to wait six months to watch FNL. This very well might be the single worst decision ever made by a TV executive… and that’s saying something. It’s hard enough being an ardent supporter of the show, fighting the network all the time to just keep it on the air, but now they’re punishing us by making it impossible to see? Hey, NBC — you ever heard of BitTorrent? Yeah, watch out for it next year.

Some new nonsense: My Own Worst Enemy stars Christian Slater as a spy. NBC soils its name with the reality series Momma’s Boys, a Ryan Seacrest-produced piece of garbage in which mothers try to find mates for their sons. Crusoe is being called an “island adventure series”… hey, isn’t there already one of those on TV? Knight Rider is a remake of the old series, because we all know how well that worked out for Bionic Woman.
And then there’s Celebrity Circus, “A television game show in which celebrities look to shine as circus performers.” Jesus… sometimes, I really hate TV. I can honestly say, the only good thing NBC has slated for next year is the new Office series. And who knows, even that may suck.