Last year, The CW brought out some heavy hitters, and a few were successful; Gossip Girl and Reaper come to mind. This year, it’s not so exciting, though there is a bit of buzzworth.

Canned: Aliens in America, Life is Wild, Girlfriends

Staying: Reaper, Smallville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, America’s Next Top Model, Everybody Hates Chris, The Game

New: 90210, Surviving the Filthy Rich, Stylista

My take…

If you know my viewing habits, then you’ll know that I was sad to hear that Aliens in America got cut. It was genuinely funny. Girlfriends is gone, as CW apparently tries to distance itself from its UPN roots and shift further toward the Gossip Girl demo. I stopped watching Reaper, but I think I might take some time this summer to catch up. It’s pretty good.

What’s new, CW?: Yes, that says 90210. A modernized take on that oh-so-classic drama about the beautiful people of Beverly Hills, updated to include text messaging and blogs. It will be starring Tristan Wilds, who played Michael on The Wire, so I might not even be able to watch the pilot. Come on… Michael was just such a coldly brilliant character, and Wilds played him to perfection, I don’t want to see him caught up in kiss-and-tell nonsense.

I just don’t think America is in the mood for more 90210. Gossip Girl is good and successful because although it is beautiful rich teens, it’s still fairly original. But aren’t we shifting away from that whole “L.A. is the best!” mentality of the 90s? The best shows today take place in New York, Scranton, and on an island somewhere.

Interestingly, they have no notes on their midseason reality shows — specifically Beauty and the Geek. I love B&G and I hope it comes back, although I know Ashton Kutcher is involved in some other projects with different networks next season.