The Mets and Yankees just wrapped up a short two game series in which the Mets took both from the Yanks. Friday Night’s game was postponed due to rain which brings up an interesting situation. The game has yet to be rescheduled. A lot of talk has been thrown around about a two-stadium double header during the next Subway Series at Shea, but with television contracts and prime-time scheduling issues it seems that it would have to happen on that Friday. I think this would be a mistake because the first game would have to be an afternoon game at 1pm which nobody would be able to see. On a hunch I checked out both teams schedules and it couldn’t have turned out better. September 11th is an off day for both teams which I believe is absolutely ridiculous. Moving this game to that day would be an unbelievable night for this area. And I think it is definitely plausible. The Mets play in Washington on the 10th and would probably be flying back to New York after the game anyway. The Yankees do play in Anaheim on the 10th but it is an afternoon game and they could definitely make it back that night around midnight local time, 1 or 2 at the latest. For both New York teams to be playing each other in this city on that night would be a classic night. Adding to it would be the late season aspect where the game will probably be very important to both teams who should be right in the thick of divisional races at that point. I think it’s perfect, I’m crossing my fingers.