NBC announced its fall premiere schedule today, and there are a few interesting bits in there for  John Q. Fanboy.

Most importantly, The Office will be returning Thursday, Sept. 25, with an hour-long premiere at 9. 30 Rock won’t be back until over a month later, on Oct. 30. They did this last year, if I remember correctly, debuting Rock much later, but I really don’t know why. What I do know, though, is that with the epic season finale they treated us to last week, and Greg Daniels spending more and more time on the upcoming Office spin-off, there is going to be a lot of pressure to make this hour-long episode a damn good one. Still no title or date for the spin-off, but I’ve heard that it might be given the precious post-Super Bowl spot.

Also of note is the big return NBC has slated for Heroes third season. Heroes, if you remember, ended its second season when the strike hit, and didn’t return this spring when all the other series did. NBC is planning a Heroes bash for Monday, Sept. 22, with an hour-long clip show and then a two hour premiere. I still haven’t watched the second season, because it fell on a really busy night for me in the fall, but I’ll be sure to catch up on Hulu before September.

Finally, we now know what will be filling Scrubs‘ spot this fall — Kath & Kim, an American adaptation of a popular Australian sitcom surrounding a dysfunctional mother and daughter. It stars Molly Shannon.